Day 11,020 :: Last day of 2007

Well it’s December 31st, the last day of 2007. It’s been a very busy year. I’ve changed jobs, moved, gone through some life changing events, and I’m still here at the end of the year awaiting the new one, 2008. Things over this past year have gotten better. Overall I’m getting a grasp of the money aspect, a long time struggle, and things are looking up in all the other departments as well. My new job is with GravityFree, a local web development house specializing in ColdFusion. Now ColdFusion is not my choice of coding platforms but in the end it does the same thing, produce HTML. I would prefer to use PHP and in the near future Ruby. I’m starting a free online class to get the basics of ruby down so I can have a better understanding of how ruby on rails works.

As for the New Year I’m going to have a few resolutions on my list. First and foremost will be to keep on top of the financial and be ahead by the end of 2008. This includes being caught up on all my bills and finally out of the clutches of the annoying collection agencies never ending rain of calls from the likes of “Unknown”, 800-xxx-xxxx, and a whole slew of other numbers. I had at one point before I had my cell turned off collected all the numbers into groups so I can easily identify them. I had about 6 or 7 lists with 5 numbers each. That’s 30-35 different numbers I would receive collection calls from. You would think they would get the point but they need to ride the fence of harassment. Luckily for them I’m a pretty patient person and have an easy time ignoring them.

Another item on the list is to secure our wedding location by the end of 2008 for a late 2009 wedding. The place we have picked out is The Event Factory, Home of the Castle Ballroom. It is pretty much what I pictured, a castle wedding, the ceremony in the secret garden, mingling in an enchanted forest, and the reception in a castle ballroom, all for a price cheaper then renting a “Real Castle”! That reminds me of this past weekend at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre. That can contain a whole blog in itself. In a nutshell, Ines and I were the topic of conversation for the first 15 or so minutes of the show. It was great!

Typically I would place loosing weight on the list but not this year. I still want to and intend to loose weight but I’m going to pass on putting it on my list. I want to concentrate on a few items at a time. If these are successful then I can assure you I would have lost weight in the process.

Other things in 2007… I still have a mess in my mind about my game projects and my career. I like my job but at this point I can’t see myself there for more then a few years. Things are in motion there so that could change in the near future. Until then I’m going to try and put my focus career wise on doing freelance web work. I have plans of traveling the world and if I could secure a good freelance reputation I could travel and get paid! Also I WILL win the lottery this year!

Well that’s about it for today. I wish all who read this a very happy new year and the best of luck in 2008! Remember, anything’s possible as the power of the mind can make anything possible!

Till next time, – Miah

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Day 11,015 :: Lack of Motivation

It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m not sure if this lack of motivation will stop anytime soon. I’ve had no real motivation to do any “work” for the past couple weeks. I have plenty of work to do but I just am having a tough time actually getting any of it done. Here is a list of projects I have on my mind:

  • Central Nervous System (CNS): CNS is a CMS system I am developing in PHP/MySQL to help me with speeding up the process of building a dynamic website. Every dynamic site out there needs some sort of admin and this is my vision of that admin. It is in its most basic form now and needs some serious attention.
  • Ever-Isle: This is my RPG (Tabletop/PC/Browser Based) that I have been trying to get to a playable state for a few years now (4-5). Every time I seem to make any kind of progress on it I seem to loose motivation after a few weeks. Not sure if it’s just the lack of assistance in the graphic department or my need for perfection when it comes tot he visual side of it.
  • Igzactly News: This is my news engine I build a couple years back to help out my best friend on a freelance project. Is has evolved to an OK state and is used on a couple sites. It however needs a serious makeover.
  • This is fiancée’s aunt’s family website. I developed this in 2004 or 2005. It is in need of a major update and graduation to an admin-able state. It has been put on hold in hopes to be the first site to use the CNS system.
  • Various Online Games: These include Hangman, Browser based version of Munchkin, Ever-Isle, and various others that pop in and out of my mind.

The list goes on but at the moment those are the ones that are on the top of my list, and the ones I can remember. On top of all that I have my Day Job with GravityFree. I have plenty to keep me busy there. Lately when I get home I feel like I need to not see a computer screen. I’m none to happy with that feeling lately as it takes away from my projects.

Whatever the cause behind my lack of motivation lately, I’m hoping that it will go away or I discover it to remedy it. Until then I’ll just keep plugging away at my work and do the best I can to get my side projects completed as well. Maybe starting a topic on each of my projects will help me out… I’ll consider that. Who knows, it may lend some help to someone working on a similar project.

Till next time,


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Day 10,994 :: The Vet

Today started of with the alarm on my phone sounding its daily call to get me out of bed at 7:00 am. I couldn’t snooze for an extra hour as I normally do since it was today that my cat Lexi had her first appointment with the new vet. I was only able to sneak in an extra 15-20 minutes in bed until I slowly rolled out of bed.

The morning consisted of me doing some last minute cleaning and waiting around for Lexi to produce the stool sample the vet kindly asked me to bring in. I have never had to get a stool sample before and as I waited patiently Lexi jut stared at me with no intention of coughing one up. She had her harness on (for her leash) and the carrier was in the middle of the floor. She new what it meant and had no intention of co-operating. 9:05 am came about and I couldn’t wait any longer.

After battling her to get in the carrier Ines and I left our apartment and headed to the car. We strapped Lexi in the back seat and proceeded to drive to the vet.

About 2 minutes into the drive Lexi got the idea she would repay us for making her leave the comfort of her home by finally giving us the stool sample… Right in the carrier… Now she has never done this before and she picked a day to start when she had a very pungent bowel movement. Needless to say we were embarrassed when we finally made it to the vet 15 minutes later and asked them if they had any wipes so we could collect the sample and clean Lexi up. The vet was kind enough to do these themselves. They had to weight her and get her temperature anyways so it kind of worked out. I say kind of cause Lexi was none to happy with the arrangement.

Now Lexi doesn’t hiss or bite much at all, especially to strangers. She’s generally a very well natured cat, not today. When she got back in the exam room she wanted nothing to do with the place. The vet was nice and he gave us some good diet tips for her. She is officially 2 pounds overweight. Not bad but we want her to be as healthy as can be. So she will benefit by having more laser chasing time! I’m sure she won’t complain. After the appointment was done she had no complaints getting into the carrier. I think she new this time it would bring her home. We get home without any stinky surprises and she struts out of the carrier happy as can be! She is so spoiled!

The rest of today was pretty standard. I got to work after eating some Dino’s Pizza buffet, Sat in a phone meeting with a client for a few hours, fixed some sites, quoted some work, and surfed the net for some tidbits of amusement to make me laugh.

It’s now 8:36 and in an hour I’ll leave to pick up Ines from work, eat some quick dinner, watch some TV and find my way back into the comfort of my bed. Tomorrow I hope to jot down a few notes on one of my many game projects, Ever-Isle.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of Lexi -Little Miss Kittyfantasico!

Lexi onher Cottage

Lexi in astonishment!

“We’re your bosom friends, the friends of your bosom.” — Xander (duh!)