Day 11,026 :: UFO

This Saturday started as any Saturday does. I brought Ines to work, came home and proceeded to use the computer. I played FF1 for a while, talked with my Brother and his Fiancée about building websites for there businesses, discussed dinner for the typical X-Files night, all very normal things.

Six pm came and I picked Ines up from work. We proceeded to Monty’s Pizza (tonight’s choice for dinner) and picked up out food. Stopped by Publix and grabbed some lottery tickets (yes we ARE a winner, just waiting for confirmation one of these weeks :)). Next it was off to Scott’s for X-Files. On the way there Ines noticed some strange lights low in the sky over Scott’s apartment complex. At first she thought they were the air traffic towers indicating low terrain but then realized that there are none of those around here. We lived in this apartment for over a year so we knew the layout of the area and what was around. She then pointed it out to me as it was just sitting there, not moving. I had my window down and I couldn’t here any propellers or jets that you would normally here if it was a helicopter or some other kind of plane. As we looked at it, it started to slowly move south. We could still not hear what was making this thing move but it was moving slowly and silently. It had a multitude of lights on the bottom and was not in the shape of any planes I know of. As we turned into the apartments it continued south then disappeared.

Needless to say I was excited and proceeded to tell Scott as soon as we got there. I then said we should call Muldor and Skully to investigate! After a brief discussion of it we sat down to eat and watch X-Files. Next week I’ll be sure to be watching to see if it reappears.

In my mind it’s definitely a UFO since I could not identify it. Now if it was just some secret military test plane or an “Alien UFO” I’ll never know. Either way it was pretty exciting!



“The bird’s dead, Dru. You left it in a cage, and you didn’t feed it, and now it’s all dead, just like the last one.” — Spike