Day 11,088 :: Day of Depression

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything in here. I really need to make it more of a habit to write in here, anyways onto today’s topic… It’s only 11:05 am EST and I’m trying to get over this depression I’m in. I’m listening HUM and It might be working but who knows. This past week, month or who knows has been a tough time. I am now officially car-less and I don’t quite now what I’m going to do. I’m supposed to be getting a car from a co-worker but he moved to India temporarily and it’s been a mess ever since trying to co-ordinate things. My fiancée’s grandmother just passed away this past Wednesday and she flew up to Boston with her family. So to add to all the other things going on this is the first time in 7 or so years that we have been away from each other for even a day and it’s extremely lonely and I just can’t wait for her to get back.

Needless to say I’ve been preoccupied by a lot of things. I’m positive I’ll get through this. It’s just a hard time and I needed to put it all out in writing somewhere. So let’s try to move onto some happier things…

I’m going to be making some extra money since I’m finally able to start my freelance work. I picked up a few jobs from a past employer and I can’t wait to get the jobs done so I can get paid and move on.

I have joined this group of game developers from all around the world. We are all beginners and are trying to get things organized. Hopefully after these few depressing situations are done with It will move forward and we can get a completed game out of it.

Wow… is that all I can think of right now???? Once my Fiancée gets back there will be another good thing 🙂

So I guess I should move on today. I have Day job work and Freelance work to do as well as figuring out how I’m going to get home… Oh well… Life is a bitch, what can you do? Laugh at it! HAHA…

– Miah

“To the left where up is down there stands a Zebra made of shapes of me and silver and the sun…” – HUM, Suicide Machine