What a way to bring in the new year!

So, instead of my yearly post I’ve done the past two years I’m going to announce something very exciting to start of 2015. Last week Apple approved my first app to the app store. Today is the day that I am going to make it live!

This is very exciting for me and even though the app is not 100% where I want it to be I will be adding in features throughout the year. The app is called Carbs to Go! and is a simple app to count your carb intake.

Carbs to Go! will be free to download and contain no ads. The only thing I ask for is donation to allow me to further develop the app and add all the features that I want to get in there.

The first new feature that will be added within the first part of the year will be the ability to search, yes search, for food! This one of the features that I have not yet completed. I wanted to get the app out the first of this year so I would hit my deadline. Even though this is a large piece that the app needs to have I submitted anyways.

Download it on the app store and let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoy!