The world is a funny place… You go through each day wondering what it’s all about and if your going in the right way… I’m one of those souls in search of what will make me complete in all aspects of my life. I have parts of it right. I am with my beautiful (soon to be wife) Ines. She is what drives me to be the best I can in the rest of my life. I also have my wonderful, but spastic, kitty. We call her Lexi-pooh or Little Miss Kittyfantastico! She is another aspect of my life that has gotten me together.

As for the rest of my life… I am always in a jumble of what I want to do. I’m a web developer here in “Sunny Florida”. I like my job, but as with any job there are parts that could use improvement. I am also a spastic Game Developer. I have about 10 different game projects in my head and about 8 of them in various stages of development. There are a billion other things I am trying to do. I have plans of traveling around the world, having a fairytale wedding, owning my own house… The list goes on and on. I’m hoping to use this blog to sort out my jumbled mind and perhaps give the occasional reader a chuckle.

And now for who I really am, My name is Jeremiah (Miah). Originally from Keene, NH but have escaped the monotony of that town and now live in a somewhat larger city here in Florida. Not quite as large of a city as I’d like but it’s a start.

Well lets get on with it! Enjoy my musing of a lost developer!

– Miah

“You took a bath.” — Xander
“Yeah, I often do. I’m actually known for it.” — Buffy


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