Fantasy Cartography

Well I’ve finally started to learn more then just the basics of Photoshop. I’ve for years have been able to scrap by with the bare minimum of knowledge with this vast program and to top it off my artistic skills are not the greatest when it comes to pen and paper.

With this in mind I am taking something I have always loved to do and using it to build up my skills. Making maps. I’ve always loved to sit down and draw out a world map, area map, or interior map for my fantasy/sci-fi RPG games. They were crude and done with graph paper mostly but they got the job done. Now however I am up for the challenge of making maps with a bit more flare and style.

I’m going through all the tips, tricks, and tutorials I can to help me along. One great site is the Cartographers Guild located at [link] They have a wealth of information to help map makers along. The vast amount of styles you can have for your maps can look overwhelming at first but once you get into actually making them the feeling passes quickly as you realize how many of the tricks can be used for the different styles of maps.

So here I am. Finally trying to improve my artistic skills. I’ll be using this to mark my progress and post all the maps I will be making!

Thanks for listening.